Simple .. Simon Says (Treasury Solicitor’s Dept) on behalf of Border Force

Well, not quite so simple, eh Simon? lt should have been though, shouldn’t it? l mean, how hard can it be to contact us? … at the top of our home page is a little box that says ‘Contact Us’ … Simples!

Except not for you … you send it to everyman and his dog except us! You even send it to people who have no connection with us whatsoever! We eventually get it (albeit redacted) from a 3rd party through our virtual postbox (note;- they must’ve used our ‘Contact Us’).

The best laid schemes of mice and men, eh Simon? We were aware of the attempt to set us up … see here. l see no need to repeat ourselves nor do we see yourselves as the perpetrators. You were no doubt merely used as pawns in our opinion. Recently Humberside Police were also well and truly used as pawns in our opinion too … see here  Coincidence? … l think not.

Shouldn’t someone be looking at Hull UKBF? Your time and expense has been wasted along with the cost of Humberside Police’s Hollywood farce. Apart from ourselves there’s also the not so little matter of harassment and intimidation of a five and half month pregnant mother and her 4 children aged 7,5,3 and 1 and their disabled grandmother. Did you know Officer Fields was based at Hull? … this is the officer we named in this post. This is the officer that presented a sheet of A4 paper printed in big font as factual evidence … except it wasn’t. When questioned by the judge as to where he got it from he ummed and ahhed and couldn’t remember! The judge had threatened Mr and Mrs Donny with a charge of perjury if their evidence was found to be false … why not Fields? There again we think we all know the answer to that don’t we?

lnterestingly, we recently got a polite request for a favour to remove reference to someone else involved in the prosecution case. We wonder why?

Finally, we do love the bit you wrote about that we will be monitored. … will be? … we’ve been monitored for years! We know that for a fact because the then UKBA Legal Dept told our solicitors that 2 years ago!

Who’s monitoring Hull UKBF, Simon?

N2D Minibus Ambushed by Humberside Police

Just before midnight last night, the N2D minibus was trundling along through Hull. For those of you that use Hull PO ferries you will know the road … it’s Hedon Road that leads to the docks. As l came off one of the roundabouts on this road l saw a police van parked on the central reservation. As l passed it l saw that it had now started to follow me towards the next roundabout. As l reached it, l saw other police vehicles, obviously ominously waiting for someone. l wondered who it could be they were waiting for?  …. l was about to find out! Take a look –

lt was a typical Hollywood type stop, blue lights, police vehicles hemming me in front and back. ln total there were 4 police vehicles and l lost count of the number of police officers.A police officer came to the drivers window and l wound it down. It turned out the police wanted to play Customs. He said that they’d stopped me under Sect 163 of CEMA as they’d received ‘intelligence’ that the minibus was carrying cigarettes and then asked me if l was carrying cigarettes. l denied it but it seems this wasn’t the answer he wanted so he asked the question again … l denied it again. Obviously not happy with my response he then threatened me that if they called in Customs and they found cigarettes that they would be seized … along with the minibus. l said ‘Get them’. He ignored my request and said they would search the vehicle … to which l replied ‘Go ahead’. l thought it would be interesting watching them doing this as the minibus was full to the gunnels … and l do mean full. Boxes, plastic bags, various items went from the floor to the roof … jam packed full!
l then got out of the vehicle and lit a cigarette but they didn’t start to search the vehicle. lt seems we had reached an impasse and they had decided to contact their senior officer and get him down to the scene. l the questioned them on this ‘intelligence’ that they had supposedly received because l told them if it came from Customs (Border Force) l have yet to see any intelligence emanating from them. They of course would not tell me where this ‘intelligence’ came from. l also informed them that Customs know full well my identity/history ….  and more importantly what l do and it certainly isn’t smuggling!
So we stood around waiting for this senior officer to turn up. l smoked some more cigarettes and continued to voice my displeasure at this farce l was in. Eventually, said senior officer turned up, asked if l would open the back doors so they could search the vehicle. l opened the back doors and let them do their stuff … but they didn’t! They looked at the wall of gear, prodded it a little bit … which, all in all, took less than a minute and then said l could be on my way! l asked for and got a stop and search receipt.

So, what was l carrying you ask? Well, N2D had been on a mission of mercy down south to help a damsel in distress. We stripped the seats out and just left in what was required. We were carrying 4 toddlers aged, 7, 5, 3 and 1, their 5 month pregnant mother and their disabled grandmother. Oh, and a dog and 2 cats. Along with this we had all their worldly possessions including all the kids toys, clothes, cot, bed etc etc etc. Forgot to mention that the mother had an asthma attack during the stop and search. The kids, mother and grandmother were exhausted after a 300 mile trip back to Hull but they had to wait and suffer this farce because the police had had ‘intelligence’ … ‘intelligence’ so good that they didn’t even search the vehicle!

We eventually got to our destination, unloaded ‘My Family and other Animals, the bed, cot, suitcases, buggy, highchair and some other stuff. The rest was left in to unload today … here’s what’s left!

Yes l did audio record the incident but l’m saving that for when l can get in to see the Police Chief.

Lest We Forget

Normandy veterans attend a remembrance and wreath laying ceremony to commemorate the start of the D-Day landings at Bayeux War Cemetery today

Across Normandy, several hundred of the surviving veterans of the Normandy campaign are gathering to commemorate the 69th anniversary of the D-Day landings 

The man top pic, top right hand side and in the bottom pic, top middle (smiling) is called Nick … although Mum calls him a lot of other other names too! They argue like cat and dog sometimes but they mean the world to each other really. Mum sometimes goes but as she doesn’t drink and all the old boys do, you can understand why she doesn’t go every year. Personally l think she likes the opportunity of having the house to herself and watching her own TV progs … instead of Sky Sport!

God bless them all

Normandy … Know Where You Stand

Hi Katy xxx

The terrible consequences of Second Hand Smoke in Pubs … Redux!

Seeing as we are to get reruns of scaremongering adverts on the dangers of second hand smoke l thought it would be an ideal opportunity to re-run and update this post (originally posted Dec 2011). It deals with my mother’s side of the family as l know little of my father’s side). 

Update is … we are all still here, no-one is in bad health or has been in hospital except for my mother who has had her knees replaced (can you blame that on second hand smoke? … probably the antismokers will find a way). My sister has quit smoking and now uses nicotine gum. That’s it … update complete! 

Oh, how come these researchers never seem to find people like us for their statistics?

p.s. Hi Katy xxx 

p.p.s. 2 of my sisters were born in the pub … in bedrooms open to second hand smoke! 

Original Post

I was brought up in a pub that was owned by my grandmother. She had owned pubs long before l was born and had 3 children. One was my mother and the other 2  my uncles. My grandmother never smoked but my mother and uncles did although my mother has now stopped. By the time l came along my grandmother was running the pub by herself because she had divorced my grandfather (another smoker).My 2 uncles now had families and homes of their own as did my mother but because my father (and my uncles) were deepsea fishermen, my mother (and us kids) spent most of the time at the pub. The reason being that deepsea fishermen were away for 3 weeks and home for an average of only 60hrs so my mother helped my grandmother run the pub.

lt was a glorious time for myself and 2 younger sisters. We were allowed in the pub itself when it was open or until it got busy or it got late and time for us to get ready for bed. We lived in the accommodation on the first floor and the bedrooms were on the 2nd floor. Access to the first floor was by an open staircase, indeed this open staircase continued to the 2nd floor. To get to the stair case from the pub itself, you either came from a door that opened directly to the main bar or another door straight into the lounge bar. The area at the bottom of the stairs was like a small hallway where the slot machines were. Also off this hallway was the door to the yard and gents toilets. As you can imagine the doors to both bars were in frequent use. This would mean all that deadly Second Hand Smoke was constantly invading this hallway and rising up to our living quarters and our bedrooms. Oh, and not to forget the people playing the slot machines were adding to the second hand smoke as they were invariably smoking too.
The pub actually had another room as well as the main bar and lounge, this was the ‘Snug’. It could hold about 30 people but l can’t honestly remember it ever been in use. My grandmother told me it was for customers who preferred not to be in the smoky bar and lounge. All the bars had real fires and sometimes l helped out by cleaning out the fires in the mornings and starting new ones. l hated doing the one in the Snug because nobody used it but my grandmother used to tell me that somebody might use it and so it had to be done. l’ve asked my mother about this and she says it was used on occasions but very rarely. The only other difference this Snug had in relation to the other bars was it didn’t have direct access to the bar itself. You had to come out of the Snug door and walk 2 metres across the pubs side entrance (still inside the pub though)  to a counter that was at the bar. My mother says that it was too secluded from the main bars where all the customers always were. So we have a little Snug room, secluded from the main bars and the deadly smoke but nobody used it! … mmmmm.
The pub was always busy as it was the centre of the community. Lots of houses round it along with a few little shops. lt was a working man’s pub to the core.
Here is a picture of the pubs main bar at Xmas circa 1960. You’ll note all the smoke filling the bar from all the many smokers,  yes? … well maybe not.
Here is a pic of the front of the pub. Both windows are the main bar  with the entrance in the middle. lf you look at the bottom right you will see the beginning of the pub’s side entrance where the Snug was. The Snug had a window similar to the windows shown in this pic. So, you had window, main entrance, window, side entrance, window.
 This is a pic of the side entrance ,,, Easter Bonnet Competition. My grandmother is the lady on the far left and l forgot to mention her … the little old lady in the brown outfit is my great grandmother that stayed with my grandmother occasionally.
Right, now to the terrible consequences, my great grandmother died at the age of 98 and she smoked all her life, my grandmother (non-smoker) died at the age of 86 due to a road traffic accident. My mother is 80 next month, her brother (my uncle is 85) and her elder brother (my uncle) is 93 and all are active and never had any major surgery or illnesses.
l started smoking at 36 (last time l was in hospital was when l was 6 when l had my tonsils out), eldest of my younger sisters started smoking at 22  and is in good health, my other 2 sisters don’t smoke and never have and both are in good health. Wait you say! … earlier on you said 2 sisters? Yes my youngest sister was actually born in the pub in one of the bedrooms. 
l have 2 daughters and 3 nieces, 3 out of the 5 are smokers. l’ve got 5 cousins on my mothers side and 3 of them smoke … all are in good health. 
Last but not least, my grandfather (smoker) … died at the age of 76 of a heart attack.
These are the terrible consequences of Second Hand Smoke in a very smoky pub. A time of pipes, Woodbines and Capstan Full Strength cigarettes (filter cigarettes were for girlies!)
The pub still exists today but all the houses around it were demolished and the community scattered. There are a few industrial units but that’s all. Sad to see the old Star and Garter like that.
So, these aren’t just stats, they are MY stats backed up with living evidence and facts … real facts. Oh, and just for good measure l think l should throw in that none of my family, neither past or present, are or ever have been tee-total.
Think ASH or Alcohol Concern would be interested in my stats?  🙂

Anti – Smokers! Don’t read this … it’s bad for your health!

ASH and their acolytes believe that they are winning. So much so that they started endless insults and harassment directed at smokers.  Some smokers have responded to this online etc but many other smokers haven’t. Why not? … well, they have been responding in an other way and one that is far more satisfying than an online slanging match.

Firstly lets take pubs. Sure ASH etc has got non-smoking pubs and believe that smokers were forced out. Haha, how wrong they are! Smokers were not forced out … they walked. Not because of the smoking ban but because their ‘friend’ the landlord and breweries were no such thing at all. They stabbed smokers in the back and so smokers would have nothing to do with them … or ever will.

It never seems to cross ASH etc where all these smokers went but l think it’s time to tell them. There were many a pub that remained the smoker’s friend. They now have lock-ins and this means that smoking still goes on in pubs but now ASH etc can’t see it! l find this really funny because the anti-smokers who use these pubs during the day are amongst their dreaded second hand smoke and their third hand smoke! They believe they are now safe … but oh, if they only knew! Hahahaha, nowhere is ‘safe’ for them because smokers are using these places too!

Same goes for restaurants, cafes, clubs and a host of other locations where they think they are ‘safe’. Sorry ASH but you ain’t! Smokers go and smoke there too!

Another phenomenon that has taken hold is what we call ‘Smoky-Drinkys’. This is people converting rooms or garages or sheds to bars. They then invite all their mates round including non-smokers and have a bar where you can smoke or drink. Again ASH etc don’t know of their existence and more importantly their location … and they never will.

These Smoky Drinkys provide absolutely zero revenue to the UK economy from tobacco and very little revenue to the economy from alcohol too. Why? … because it’s virtually all purchased from the EU! … no revenue for the UK! I don’t know of one person that l’m acquainted with that buys their tobacco from UK retail outlets … not one! Those that can’t get to the EU purchase their tobacco from white van man … again no revenue for the UK!

Then there are those smokers that are now growing their own tobacco or purchasing tobacco leaves … sorry, still no revenue for UK.

What’s really great about all this is the anti-smokers, anti-alcohol and other control freaks have no way of finding how many there are. That’s because these smokers, drinkers etc are totally off their radar. They can’t get data or stats on them because they don’t know where they are. How great is that!!!

The Belgian tobacco shops certainly are not seeing a drop in business. A friend of mine who owns a chain of tobacco outlets is actually investing in larger premises … not a sign of falling trade then?

The anti-smoking fascists lost. They can get laws brought in as much as they like but the problem is policing them … it doesn’t work! My own MC club has always been smoking, nothing changed. ASH and their ilk created their own Frankenstein … they’ve now got god knows how many smokers that they can’t track. They’ve gone off the grid so it’s impossible to have any data on them.

You’ll hear from these fake charities that smoking has gone down but the truth is they can’t find the smokers. Another truth is smoking is on the up in teens too. lt all makes for an appalling fail for the likes of Dreadful Arnott. Hell, she can’t even go to the flicks because the film companies are also embracing smoking!

lt’s going to be interesting to see what happens in the future. All these anti-smoking/drinking or whatever righteous fake charities going cap in hand to the government but there’s less and less money. ln the meantime smokers are having a great time … tobacco and alcohol very cheap and they don’t get hassled by no-one when they partake in their gatherings.

lf a smoker ever get ill, of course they’ll go to the NHS but they’ll lie … ASH and their acolytes taught them that. They’ll say they don’t smoke but  the second or third hand smoke got them!

Then there’s the more wicked amongst us who like to torment the anti-smokers … especially the anti’s who say they can smell tobacco and it stinks. Oh what joy … there’s fun to be had with this sort, ‘smell’ is their Achilles Heel.. There are fragrances available that have the smell of tobacco … take a look … here and here Can you imagine the havoc caused by spreading this fragrance round in various locations? The righteous will die! … they think they’ve been exposed to the killer tobacco smoke! Hahaha, of course they might be … someone may have been smoking there. How would they tell the difference?

Leaving cigarette butts around is another way the wicked smokers get at the righteous. They just leave them anywhere … hotel rooms, aircraft toilets, offices … the list is endless. The righteous’s own minds will do the rest. The wicked smoker never throws their cigarette butts away …. they keep them in a little plastic bag for future use.

Which reminds me of this story l heard. Someone stayed overnight in a classy non-smoking hotel. ln the morning he went down to reception and complained he couldn’t sleep because he could smell tobacco and it caused his eyes to run. He ‘found’ a little tin foil disposable ashtray containing a few butts hidden behind the TV. He gave the reception hell saying that they had deceived him by saying it was a non-smoking hotel when it clearly wasn’t. Outcome of this was he wasn’t charged for his stay! (Note- We disagree with this scam tactic but also disagree with the scam ‘fines’ imposed by hotels for cleaning the rooms and charging £50-200 when ‘evidence’ of smoking is found. Spraying the likes of Febreeze around is not cleaning the room!)

So all you anti-smokers … the next time you are in the pub, a hotel room, a ship’s cabin or wherever just think about this. Smokers take no notice of no smoking bans and they’ve probably smoked exactly where you are now. Go on, think about it … you know you will, you can’t help it. Smell the smoke yet? Can you taste the tobacco? Have you touched anything yet? … too late l’m afraid … you are contaminated!

Best thing you can do is go home and lock yourself in. Never go out and never never allow anyone to be left in your home alone …. they may be a smoker! You won’t succeed of course … smokers get you in the end!

Have fun … l know l do!

Oh … Hi Katy xxx


When Border Force Run Out of Time.

What does this mean? Well, when you have your goods seized and you put in an Appeal Against Seizure (Notice of Claim), Border Force have just 6 months to instigate Condemnation Proceedings in Magistrates Court. The clock starts running as soon as Border Force NPSU receive your claim. We advise that you send your claim recorded delivery as this is proof they received it.

The 6 months are calculated thus – lf they receive your claim say on the 1st May 2013, then the 6 months will  expire on 1st Nov 2013 or if received on 15th Jan 2013 the 6 months will expire on 15th July 2013 and so forth.
Note … we recommend strongly that you add a week or so to the expiry date before you act. This prevents any possibility of any … shall we say ‘skullduggery’. We’ve learnt through experience not to trust Border Force, whatever dept it is.

There’s also this nice prog you can use to calculate the expiry date. Just put in the date Border Force NPSU received your appeal and then put in the total 26 weeks to add. Works very well,

What happens when the 6 months has expired? Well, in simple terms …. You’ve Won!

We are finding that Border Force NPSU are getting themselves into this position more and more. They must be inundated with appeals because they’ve suspended their e-mail address and l’m told their fax number is little better. Add to that staff cuts and staff being on sick then we can see why they run out of time.

So, keep an eye on the expiry date … not only does it mean that you’ve won but it opens up other possibilities. We’ll cover those at a later date.

Border Force Complaints & Compliments Dept

Seems we have a dreamer in Border Force Complaints Dept … the e-mail address for sending complaints is now complaints& …. l kid you not!

This is the Border Force Complaints Dept that has more whitewash than B&Q and always backs Border Force to the hilt … no matter what! So much so that we believe all replies now come from the ‘coffee machine’ in the dept.

lf you sent a complaint in today we could predict with confidence what their reply would be. Hell, we could send you our prediction immediately and when you eventually got their response (takes 4 weeks) you would be hard pressed to tell the difference … if at all.

Hull Border Force Deliberately Destroying Evidence?

Back in March 2013 (link here) we posted about some ‘clients’ of ours receiving unreadable copies of the officers notebooks from the Data Protection Unit in Croydon. We assumed that it was a bad photocopy but unbelievably the Data Protection Unit say that these ARE the originals!!!

What are Hull Border Force trying to hide?

NOT a bad photocopy but the ORIGINAL notebook!

Reply from Data Protection Unit about unreadable Hull UKBF Officers notebooks

Not been well preserved??? … that’s an understatement if there ever was one! Did the officers fall in the River Hull perhaps? Did their sniffer dog pi## on them (the notebooks)?
I’m truly lost for words … as are the notebooks!

N2D Get a Warning!

We received a warning that someone was setting us up. They said comments had recently been added to some of our posts that were well over a year old. These posts referred to certain Hull UKBF Officers who we named and shamed after they appeared in court. You can read it and the comments here …. and more comments here. albeit with the recently added very offensive, incl what could be construed as personal death threats, comments removed.

The recently added comments not only named the officers concerned and one other officer (who’s name is certainly not known to us) but in our opinion were very nasty indeed.

We traced the comments back and lo and behold … they came from Hull. Now we are not known for being conspiracy theorists here but we do know that we have good reason not to trust UKBF at all. Take this for instance that happened to me personally.

Also in the back of our minds is what happened to George. Then there is the fact that we are constantly monitored by HMRC/UKBF. Fortunately, l am in a far better position than George as my postcode in the UK is NF11AB and l have no ISP. ln my travels, l use wherever l am at the time.

Also a while back we put in ‘captcha’ for comments to stop the spambots … and more recently ‘comment moderation’ as most of our discussions happen over at our forum nowadays. The comments here have dropped dramatically … in the 6 months the forum has been open there has been something like 800 comments here whereas the forum stands at 7476 comments. There was also the added bonus of not having to worry about our troll.

lt certainly was not our troll that put in the comments about these UKBF officers though … that was someone else. Anyway we won’t have to worry about such things in the future.

Of course it all may be nothing … just some nutter but given our history with HMRC/UKBA/UKBF we shall remain vigilant and take precautions. It would be stupid not to!

Join our forum!

Goodbye and Good Riddance to UKBA!

Very soon the name UKBA will be confined to the history books. Thank god for that!

What was the UKBA will now become the UK Visas and Immigration AND Immigration Enforcement. Beginning in Mar 2012 the UKBA has finally split up into 3. lt began in Mar 2012 when the border Custom and Immigration entry operations of UKBA was hived off to form Border Force. Now the rest of UKBA has been split into 2. No longer agencies but now commands under Home Office control.

Now all we need is for Border Force to be split into 2 to Customs and Immigration/Passport Control. The Customs section can then amalgamate with hiving off Customs (responsible for UK Inland Excise issues) from HMRC. We could then call them what? … how about HM Customs & Excise! What is left of HMRC we could call what? … how about lnland Revenue!

Then we’ll be back to square one as it was in 2005. At least in those days you knew who you were speaking to and who was responsible for what … and more importantly you could contact them!

These past 8 years where all these changes have taken place has been a total disaster. lt isn’t finished yet but one can hope we get to the point where Customs are indeed Customs and not a half baked mish mash of Border Force officers either being trained in Customs  … or Immigration …. or both.

Perhaps then we could also have a Customs Complaints Dept that isn’t staffed by ‘coffee machines’ ? The current Border Force Complaints Dept is a complete travesty and doesn’t hold a candle to HMRC’S Complaint Dept. HMRC’s Complaints Dept is staffed by real people, with contact names, phone numbers and e-mail addresses. Border Force Complaints Dept is still inanimate objects spewing out the same responses regardless of what complaint you have from Ivory Towers!